Takata no himemiko (Imperial Princess Takata) (田形皇女)

The Imperial Princess Takata (674 - April 22, 728) was a princess of the Emperor Tenmu. Saigu (the ancient imperial princesses serving at Ise-jingu Shrine). Her mother was Onu no iratsume, a daughter of SOGA no Akae. She had an older brother-uterine, the Prince Hozumi, and an older sister-uterine, Kino himemiko (the Princess Ki).

On October 14, 706, the Princess Takata took over the position of Saio (an unmarried female relative of a Japanese emperor, serving at Ise Grand Shrine [Ise-jingu Shrine]) from the Princess Izumi, and left the capital for Ise Province. It is not known exactly when she retired from Saio and returned to Heijo-kyo, but it is believed to be after the demise of the Emperor Monmu on July 22, 707. It is also unknown when, but after she returned to Heijo-kyo, she married Mutobe no o, and gave birth to the Princess KASA no Nui who grew up to be one of the great court poets. She was conferred Sanbon (the third rank of the imperial princes' rank) on March 9, 724. She died on April 225, 728.

There is no poetry by the Princess Takata found, but "Manyoshu" (the oldest anthology of poetry) contained the poems written by her husband, Mutobe no o and her daughter, the Princess KASA no Nui.

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