Takeda no miko (the Imperial Prince Takeda) (竹田皇子)

Takeda no miko (date of birth and death unknown) was a member of the Imperial Family in the Asuka period. His father was the Emperor Bidatsu and mother was the Empress Suiko (Empress Suiko). His name is derived from a place in the Kazuragi region. He was also called Takeda no okimi, or Okai no miko.

Although Nihonshoki (Chronicles of Japan) reported that he was a leading successor to the imperial throne together with Oshisaka no Hikohito no Oenomiko after the death of the Emperor Yomei, a powerful party supporting the Prince Anahobe regarded him as hostile, and he was cursed by NAKATOMI no Katsumi, a member of the party by making a statue of him in 587.

Since the enthronement of Takeda no miko, the son of Kashiyaki hime, a granddaughter of SOGA no Iname, benefited the Soga clan who was expanding its influence at the time to grow even bigger, the prince had been considered as a prominent candidate from his early stage. Since the prince was too young when the Emperor Bidatsu died and there was a movement to support Oshisaka no Hikohito no Oenomiko, his older paternal half-brother to enthrone; his enthronement was given up then the Emperor Yomei, the brother of the Emperor Bidatsu was enthroned. This is how the Emperor Yomei assumed the throne, but he died just two years after the enthronement. His death developed the conflict between the Soga clan and the Mononobe clan over the imperial succession. Takeda no miko joined Umako side at the battle between SOGA no Umako and MONONOBE no Moriya, fought with the Emperor Sushun, the Prince Umayado (Prince Shotoku), the Prince Naniwa and Kasuga no Miko. After this battle, the Prince Hatsusebe assumed the imperial throne, but Takeda no miko disappeared from historical documents. It is assumed that he died around this time. According to a theory, both the Emperor Sushun and the Empress Suiko were enthroned due to the fact that Takeda no miko was still a minor, then he became the Crown prince Umayado (厩戸皇子立太子) since he died soon after the enthronement of the Empress Suiko.

Since "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan) reported that the Empress Suiko wished in her will to be buried in Takeda no miko's graveyard, it is said that his graveyard is Shinaga no Yamada no Misasagi (the Yamada Imperial tomb) (Oaza Yamada, Taishi-cho, Minamikawachi-gun, Osaka Prefecture), designated as the burial mound of the Empress Suiko (The "Nihonshoki" did not record the name of the burial mound.)
Recently, the Ueyama Tumulus in Gojono-cho, Kashihara City, Nara Prefecture is considered as the Mausoleum of Ono no okanoue, where the "Kojiki" (The Records of Ancient Matters) reported Takeda no miko and the Empress Suiko were jointly buried temporarily.

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