Takefurukuma no mikoto (武振熊命)

Takefurukuma no mikoto (武振熊命) was a figure in the Kofun period (tumulus period), whose name was also written as 建振熊命(Takefurukuma no mikoto) and who was also called Naniwanekotakefurukuma (難波根子建振熊). He was a shogun (great general), who served Empress Jingu. According to "Jingugi" (Chronicle of Empress Jingu), he defeated the army of Shikuma no mikoto, who tried to prevent the Empress from entering the Kinai region (provinces surrounding Kyoto and Nara), when she was on the way back from the Sankan seibatsu (the conquest of three countries in ancient Korea). According to the "Nintokugi" (Chronicle of Emperor Nintoku), he exterminated a double faced specter called 'Ryomensukuna,' who did not swear his allegiance to the Imperial family.
He was the ancestor of the Wani uji clan
Kono-jinja Shrine keeps the Kaifu clan genealogical table designated as a National Treasure, and in this table a person who had the same name as Takefurukuma no mikoto is registered as the 19th generation of the Kaifu clan, the clan that proclaimed its lineage with Ame no Hoakari (one of the gods in Japanese mythology).

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