Takeie no Okimi (武家王)

Takeie no Okimi (year of birth and death unknown) was a person from the Asuka period, Japan. His name is read as 'Takeihe no Ohokimi' in old Japanese syllabary characters. He was a member of the Imperial Family and the son of Kurikuma no Okimi. He fought for his father as a guard in Jinshin War in 672.

When the Jinshin War broke out, the Prince Otomo (the Emperor Kobun) in Omi no miya sent KUSU no Iwate as an emissary to Tsukushi Province and ordered Kurikuma no Okimi to send his troops to Omi no miya to support the prince. Kurikuma no Okimi, then Tsukushi no Omikotomochi no Tsukasa (the head of Dazai-fu [local government office in Kyushu region]), declined the prince's demand as he needed to prepare for the foreign troops. KUSU no Iwate was ordered to kill Kurikuma no Okimi when he showed any signs of refusal, but KUSU left Tsukushi without executing the assassination plot since Minu no Okimi (written in two ways in Japanese Kanji characters; "三野王" or "美努王") and Takeie no Okimi were standing by Kurikuma no Okimi with their swords ready, as he tried to take his step forward while holding his sword. No historical records about Takeie no Okimi have been found other than the article in "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan) mentioned above.

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