Oguranomiya Tsuneatsu (小倉宮恒敦)

Tsuneatsu OGURANOMIYA (year of birth unknown - August 11, 1422) was a Prince of Emperor Gokameyama, who was the 99th Emperor in the period of the Northern and Southern Courts, and was the fourth and last Emperor of the Southern Court. He was the first generation of the Oguranomiya family. It is not know whether he was made an Imperial Prince or not. At the time of the unification of the Southern and Northern Courts, the Northern Court promised to make Tsuneatsu as the Crown Prince of Emperor Gokomatsu. However, the Retired Emperor Gokameyama and Tsuneatsu escaped to Yoshino in 1410.
(They said that they made the escape for economic reasons.)
However, some say that they actually might have been trying to restrain the Northern Court, including Emperor Gokomatsu, by escaping from them, since the Northern Court was not in favor of the Southern Court succeeding the Imperial Throne. And actually, in September 1412, Emperor Shoko of the Northern Court succeeded the Imperial Throne. After that, in 1416, at the request of the Muromachi bakufu, the retired Emperor Gokameyama (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) returned to Kyoto. However, Tsuneatsu didn't follow his father, and continued his resistance in Yoshino. After that, Tsuneatsu died on August 11, 1422. This resistance by Tsuneatsu and others heralded the resistance of the Gonancho (Second Southern Court) which continued until the time of Jitenno (Prince Sonshu). Seisho OGURANOMIYA was his child.

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