Ujinokaitako no himemiko (Princes Ujinokaitako) (菟道貝蛸皇女)

Ujinokaitako no himemiko
She was a daughter between the Emperor Bidatsu and the Empress Suiko. She was a wife of the Prince Shotoku, but it is believed that she died shortly after her marriage. Her younger brothers-uterine were Takeda no miko (the Prince Takeda), and Owari no miko (the Prince Owari, the father of TACHIBANA no Ooiratsume, a wife of the Prince Shotoku), and her younger sisters-uterine were Oharida no himemiko, the Princess Oharida (a wife of OSHISAKA no Hikohito no Oenomiko) and Tame no himemiko (the Princess Tame, who became a wife of the Emperor Jomei later).

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