Wakasa no Okimi (稚狭王)

Wakasa no Okimi (year of birth unknown - September 678) was a person who lived during the Asuka period.
His name is read in the old Japanese syllabary characters as 'Wakasa no Ohokimi.'
He was an Imperial Ffamily member, but his family tree is unknown. When the Jinshin War took place in 672, Wakasa no Okimi was in the City of Yamato, and went over to the side of the Prince Oama (the Emperor Tenmu) after OTOMO no Fukei took control of the City of Yamato. His Court Rank was Sanmi (Third Rank).

When the Prince Oama waged war against the Prince Otomo (the Emperor Kobun) in June 672, the Prince Otomo ordered Takasaka no Okimi, the officer to guard the City of Yamato (the old capital in Asuka) while the master was away, to raise an army. It was said that Wakasa no Okimi was in the City of Yamato when the war broke out, and that he was also involved with forming the military troops for the Prince Otomo. In the meantime, OTOMO no Fukei who was on the side of the Prince Oama planned to seize the control of the enemy's troops by breaking into the City of Yamato with a small number of soldiers. By using traitors, Fukei successfully subdued the enemy troops and killed HOZUMI no Momotari and captured HOZUMI no Ioe and MONONOBE no Himuka. Ioe and Himuka were later forgiven and joined Fukei's army. Takasaka no Okimi and Wakasa no Okimi also joined Fukei's army.

Wakasa no Okimi died in September 678, when he was in a position of Sanmi (Third Rank).

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