Yagis Double Year Theory (八木倍年説)

Yagi's Double Year Theory is a theory that Soji YAGI insists the existence of mythological Emperors. It is not recognized as conclusive, but he recalculated years of the history according to "Double Year Theory" which says in "Weilue (Brief Account of the Wei Dynasty)", a half year of the present was counted as a year at that time in Japan, and as a result, he asserts that Emperor Jinmu was enthroned in 181 and his life duration was 63 years, half of 127 years. With that result, life durations and reign periods of successive Emperors after Emperor Jinmu become half. However, reliability of it changes depending until which Emperor could be applied Double Year Theory. In fact, Yagi's Double Year Theory contains a lot of his opinion and has a big difference from general Double Year Theory.

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