Yamatototohimomosohime no mikoto (倭迹迹日百襲媛命)

Yamatototohimomosohime no mikoto (date of birth and death unknown) was the Imperial princess of Emperor Korei.

Family lineage

According to "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan), her mother was Yamato no kuni kahime. Her maternal half-brothers include Yamatototowakayahime no mikoto and Hikoisaseribiko no Mikoto, and her paternal half-brother was Emperor Kogen. According to "Kojiki" (The Records of Ancient Matters), she was Yamatotomomosobime no Mikoto. Her maternal half-brothers were Hikosashi Katawake no mikoto, Hikosaseribiko no mikoto, and Yamatotobihayawakayahime.

Mythology as a miko (a shrine maiden)

She had miko-like character. In 92 B.C., when she was asked by Emperor Sujin to read why disasters continued, Omononushi no kami of Mt. Miwa possessed her and spoken that if he were worshipped, the country would be at peace. Therefore, Sujin made Omononushi no kami's daughter, Taneko OTA, to be a shinto priest, and the country became peaceful. In 88 B.C., she predicted the revolt of Takehaniyasuhiko no Mikoto from an old children's song that Obiko no Mikoto who was one of the Shido-shogun (Generals Dispatched to Four Circuits) had heard; furthermore, she also made a prediction which came true that divided into two groups with his wife, Ata hime Takehaniyasuhiko no Mikoto would make an attack.

The legend of Hashihaka

There is a famous legend of Hashihaka in an article in the tenth year of Suijin-ki. Yamatototohimomosohime no mikoto became the wife of Omono nushi no kami, but she fell down in surprise when she found out that the true form of Omono nushi to be a snake, and died because a chopstick had stuck into her private parts. Hashihaka tomb was passed down as the tomb of Yamatototohimomosohime no mikoto.

A legend that identifies her as Himiko (first known ruler of Japan)

There is a theory that identifies Yamatototohimomosohime no mikoto as Himiko, who governed Yamatai-Koku kingdom.

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