Yoru-no-otodo (Emperors bedroom) (夜御殿)

Yoru-no-otodo is the bed room for the emperor in Seiryoden.

It is a main room, about 13 sq.m., in Seiryoden, located on the north side of Hi-no-omashi (Emperor's office), on the west side of Futama, on the south side of Haginoto and Fujitsubo-no-ue-no-mitsubone and on the east side of Asagarei-no-ma.

There is an Otsumado (or Tataki-do) on the south wall of Yoru-no-otodo, Tsumado of 1.82 m in breadth located on the northerly walls on both east and west sides of the room leaving southerly 1.82 m as walls, two 1.82 m wide Tsumados on the north side, Tobari (curtain) and two of Zushi are placed in the direction of Emperor's pillow, east, Kagami-kake or Kagami-tate (mirror stand) is put on the other side, and Ika (clothes rack) is also placed.

Two Tatami mats with Ugen-beri (brocade hems with strip patterns of some colors) were placed and another mat was put on top for Emperor's seat. Yasakani-no-magatama (grand jewel; one of the three Imperial regalia) and Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi (the sword Ame-no-Murakumo, literally "Heavenly Sword of Assembled Clouds"; one of the three Imperial regalia) were enshrined in Zushi with hanging Kabeshiro (partition) in the southeast corner. Tatami mats were placed for Nyobos' (court ladies') seats on the south, west, and north sides of Tobari.

Lamps on the four corners were kept all night through and Kurodo (Chamberlain) have Hikurodo (trainee in the Kurodo dokoro, or the Imperial Secretariat) hold Abura-sosogi (oil pot) and stand by Tataki-do (door) as he opened the door; they poured the oil from the southeast corner finishing it in the northeast corner so that they did not pass the east side of Tobari where Emperor's pillow was placed.

There was a space dug about 90.9 cm under itajiki (wooden floor) for dehumidification.

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