Chigusa Family (千種家)

The Chigusa family is a Japanese clan. The Chigusa family is a Court noble of the Tosho-ke (the hereditary lineage of Court nobles occupying relatively high ranks) and ranked as the House of Urin (holding military ranks). The Chigusa family achieved the rank of viscount. The Chigusa family has its origin in the Koga family of the Murakami-Genji (Minamoto clan). The Chigusa family was one of the Dojo Genji (the Minamoto clan allowed to enter the Imperial Palace).


The family was established by Tadaaki CHIGUSA who was the child of Michiteru KOGA, the Daijo-daijin (grand minister of state), and the great-grandchild of Michiari ROKUJO. Tadaaki served the Emperor Godaigo and was appointed to a responsible post in the Kenmu government. In the Middle Ages, many families having their origin in the Murakami-Genji called themselves Chigusa and an example is Michisuke CHIGUSA, the child of Michiteru and the greatgreat-grandchild of Michitada KOGA, who was called Chigusa Saki no Daijo-daijin (former grand minister of state). The family line failed momentarily.

At the early times of the Edo period, Ariyoshi CHIGUSA, the Dainagon (chief councilor of state) and the fourth son of Tomotaka IWAKURA, branched off his family and restored the Chigusa family by calling himself Chigusa. The Chigusa family had 150 koku and held the family grade of Urin, like its head family Iwakura. The Uematsu family is a branch family of the Chigusa family.

During the early Meiji period, the family was given the title of viscount. Its Kamon (family crest) is Rindo (gentian). Its family temple is Konkaikomyo-ji Temple, located at Kurodani, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City.

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