Daidoji Clan (大道寺氏)

The Daidoji clan is one of the Japanese clans.

Its origin is considered to be Daido-ji Temple of present Ujitawara-cho, Tsuzuki County, Kyoto Prefecture. The Daidoji family was believed to have moved to Senbon Shaka-do Temple of Kyoto.

The Daidoji clan who had served the Owari domain was originally a vassal of the Gohojo clan. After the fall of the Hojo clan, Shigenao DAIDOJI, the second son of Masashige DAIDOJI who worked as the top at Kawagoe-jo Castle and governed 180 thousand koku crop yields, served the Maeda clan of Kaga Province and then began to serve Tadayoshi MATSUDAIRA with two thousand Goku crop yields. Tadayoshi MATSUDAIRA was the fourth son of Ieyasu TOKUGAWA and had been given 490 thousand koku crop yields in Owari Province. When Shigenao served Tadayoshi, he lived in the castle in Kiyosu, and in the vicinity of the site of his residence is still called Aza Daidoji, Kiyosu-machi, Kiyosu City, Aichi Prefecture.

After Tadayoshi's death, although Owari was given to Ieyasu's ninth son Yoshinao TOKUGAWA, Shigenao continuously served Yoshinao. After the Siege of Osaka, 500 koku crop yields were added, and he had 2500 koku in all.

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