Daigo family (醍醐家)

Daigo family are a kuge (court nobles) with kakaku (family status) of seigake (the second highest family status for court nobles). It was a branch of the Ichijo family which was a sekke (family eligible as Regent and the Chief Adviser to the Emperor).

During the early Edo Period, it was founded by Fuyumoto DAIGO, who was the second son of Akiyoshi ICHIJO.
Karoku was 312 koku (approx. 56.3 cubic meters)
Its kamon (family crest) is sagari fuji (hanging wisteria).

Tadaosa DAIGO, the family head at the time of the Meiji Restoration, filled various posts including the governor of Osaka Prefecture after the Restoration and the peerage of marquis was conferred on him. Tadaosa's daughter, Yoshiko, married Prince Kayanomiya Kuninori and became a Princess.

A scandal where Tadayuki DAIGO was shot to death by a nephew, Kakutaro, occurred and the fact that Tadaosa was forced to take over again as head of the family resulted in a temporary decline of the family.

This scandal occurred because of a long-standing grudge that Kakutaro held against Tadayuki, who was a younger brother of Kakutaro's father (Tadatsugu), as a result of Tadatsugu not being allowed to take over as head of the family due to his poor health, despite Tadatsugu and Tadayuki having both been born out of wedlock, and later dying of illness; this led to Kakutaro suffering economic hardships and his younger brother Kenjiro, who was not granted a peerage, going to war in Taiwan as a private soldier where he later died. When this was carried out, Takatoshi SHIJO, baron, visited the Daigo family and arrested Kakutaro, but Tadayuki and his eldest daughter, Tameko, were killed.

Tadashige DAIGO, who was the family head during the Showa Period, joined the navy and was promoted to vice admiral, filling various post including military attaché to the palace, commander of the Fifth Submarine Fleet, commander-in-chief of the Sixth Fleet, but he was designated a war criminal after the war. In 1947, he was shot to death by the Dutch army.

Tadanao DAIGO, the son of Tadaosa DAIGO, filled the posts of shikibukan (official responsible for court ceremonies), shotenjicho (the deputy chief of shotenshoku, the section of the Imperial Household Agency handling court rituals)

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