Hagiwara family (萩原家)

The Hagiwara family was a toshoke (within the hereditary lineage of court nobles allowed to enter the tenjonoma in the palace) and their original name was Urabe. The founder of the family was Kaneyori HAGIWARA (Shosanmi - Senior Third Rank) (1588-1660) who was the eldest son of Kaneharu YOSHIDA (Hyoe-fu - Headquarters of the Middle Palace Guards) (1565-1616) during the early stage of the Edo Period and adopted by Kanemi YOSHIDA. At the beginning, Kaneyori HAGIWARA became a clerical worker of Toyokuni-jinja Shrine (Kyoto City), but he lost his job because of demise of the Toyotomi family. Later, he was promoted to Shosanmi.

The family status was hanke (a kind of family status of the Court nobles) (kuge [court noble]). The kyokkan (the highest rank to which one can be appointed) of his descendant was Shonii (Senior Seccond Rank) and Hisangi (advisor at large). The Nishigori family was a branch of the Hagiwara family.

Karoku (hereditary stipend) during the Edo Period was 1,000 koku (approx. 180.4 cubic meters).
Since the Meiji Period their title was viscount

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