Nakahara no Yorisue (中原頼季)

NAKAHARA no Yorisue (year of birth and death unknown) was a late Heian-period nobleman and legal scholar. He was the fourth son of NAKAHARA no Yorinari, the Kokushi (governor) of Awaji Province. Yorisue's children included TAIRA no Yasuyori. He reached the junior fifth rank at court, and held the position of Shi (Secretary under the Ritsuryo system) as well as being the Kokushi (governor) of Shinano Province.

In 1142, he was transferred from the Daigakuryo (Bureau of Education), promoted to Shorokui (Senior Sixth Rank) and appointed the ushoshi (Junior Secretary of the Right). In 1147 he was promoted to Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), and appointed the Sadaishi (Senior Secretary of the Left).

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