Nishigori family (錦織家)

The Nishigori family was a toshoke (within the hereditary lineage of court nobles allowed to enter the tenjonoma in the palace) down line of the Urabe clan. The founder of the family was Tsuguhisa NISHIGORI (Junii - Junior Second Rank), danjodai (Board of Censors) (1697-1755) the second son of Kazutsugu HAGIWARA (Shosanmi - Senior Third Rank) (1645-1710).

The family status was hanke (a kind of family status of the Court nobles) (kuge [court noble]). Kyokkan (the highest rank to which one can be appointed) was Shosanmi (Senior Third Rank) and Hisangi (advisor at large).
Hisataka NISHIGORI (1820-1882) was involved in the teishin hachiju-hachi kyo ressan jiken (demonstration of 88 retainers of Imperial Court)

Karoku (hereditary stipend) in the Edo Period was 30 koku (approx. 5.4 cubic meters). Since the Meiji Period, they held the title viscount.

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