Sesonji family (世尊寺家)

The Sesonji family was a clan derived from the Fujiwara clan. For generations, the family line was shodo(calligraphy) and its school succeeded as the Sesonji school.

This name was used because FUJIWARA no Yukinari, in his later years, lived in seclusion Toentei (north to Heiankyo Ichijo, west to Omiya, northern suburb of Dai-dairi [place of the Imperial Palace and government offices], west to the current Omiyadori Ichijo-agaru, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City) which was a mansion belonging to Imperial Prince Yoshiakira, a member of his mother's parents family) and he established Seson-ji Temple in the mansion and his descendants called themselves Sesonji and lived there.

From its establishment by FUJIWARA no Yukinari, the Sesonji family lasted 17 generations, but it was not until the generation of Yukiyoshi SESONJI that the family name of Sesonji became well known. With the death of Yukisue SESONJI, the 17th family head, the Sesonji family ceased to exist.

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