The Hachijo Uesugi Family (八条上杉家)

The Hachijo Uesugi family is one of the many families of the Uesugi clan.

The Hachijo Uesugi family was founded by Tomoaki UESUGI, the son of Tomosada UESUGI of the Futahashi Uesugi family. In the Muromachi period the family's power base was in Mibu village in Kyoto, but they also controlled other territories such as Ukawa manor in Echigo Province. During the Kyotoku War, the Hachijo Uesugi family joined with the Yamauchi and Echigo Uesugi clans, who all sent their soldiers to camp at Irako.

Once the Sengoku Period (Japan's Warring States period) began, the family relocated to Echigo Province, strengthening their involvement in local politics in Echigo through such means as arranging to have Ryumatsu HACHIJO adopted by Fusayoshi UESUGI; in the process, however, they came into conflict with Echigo's Shugodai (deputy governor) family, the Nagao clan. The antagonism between the two families broke out into the open in 1506 after Yoshikage NAGAO died in battle in Ecchu and was succeeded by Tamekage NAGAO; the Hachijo Uesugi family suffered a major blow in Echigo's Eisho War, during which Ryumatsu HACHIJO, the governor of Owari, and his son, as well as Narisada UESUGI, were driven to take their own lives.

Research in recent years suggests that the Biwajima clan, which appeared during the Sengoku Period, may be none other than the Hachijo Uesugi clan.

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