The Higashifushiminomiya Family (東伏見宮)

The Higashifushiminomiya family is the Imperial family, which was founded by Imperial Prince Higashifushiminomiya Yorihito, a son of Imperial Prince Fushiminomiya Kuniie, during the late Meiji Era. Since there has been no heir, the Imperial family ended in the first generation.

Imperial Prince Higashifushiminomiya Yorihito

Imperial Prince Yorihito was born in 1867. His childhood name was Prince Sadamaro. In 1869, he was adopted by the Yamashinanomiya family and called Prince Yamashinanomiya Sadamaro. In 1885, he was adopted by the Komatsunomiya family. In the following year, he was given the title of Imperial Prince and became Imperial Prince Komatsunomiya Yorihito.
Since Imperial Prince Yorihito did not become an heir when Imperial Prince Komatsunomiya Akihito died in 1903, Imperial Prince Yorihito newly created the Higashifushiminomiya family

His military career began when he studied in England in 1884. He graduated from the Naval Academy in Brest, France in 1890, then he became the admiral of Yokosuka Chinju-fu (navy base), admiral of the Second Fleet, and then the full admiral. Moreover, he attended the coronation of George V (King of the United Kingdom) and held prominent positions such as the President of Japan Fisheries Association and the honorary president of La Societe Franco-Japonaise. He died at the age of 56 in 1920. He was posthumously awarded the marshal Collar of the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum.


Imperial Prince Yorihito did not have an heir, therefore, the Higashifushiminomiya family ended in one generation.

However, Prince Kuninomiya Kuniyoshi's third Prince Kunihide (Jigo HIGASHIFUSHIMI), who was raised by Imperial Prince Yorihito, was given the family name of HIGASHIFUSHIMI by demotion from nobility to subject in order to inherit the religious service of the Higashifushiminomiya, after reaching legal age, and the family became count. The demotion was carried out since the Former Imperial House Act did not allow having an adopted child.

After that, Kunihide became the chief priest of Shoren-in Monzeki Temple and was named Jigo HIGASHIFUSHIMI. He is alive at present.

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