The House of Ichijo (一条家)

The Ichijo Family is one of the sekke (regent) houses and a kuge (court nobility).


The Kujo line of sekkan (regent and senior regent) houses, the House of Fujiwara North of the Fujiwara clan, was a kugyo (court noble) during the Kamakura period; the original forefather was Sanetsune ICHIJO, the third son of Michiie KUJO; the name of the house was due to the fact that Sanetsune had inherited Ichijo Hall, which had been built by Michiie as a residence. As for the ranking, the Ichijo Family was inferior to the Konoe Family but was equal to the Kujo, Nijo and Takatsukasa families (the Ichijo Family was opposed to the Kujo Family over the legitimate blood of the family during the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan), so the Emperor Go-Kogen gave the imperial order that both family lines should be the legitimate blood of the family. For details, see the item on the Kujo Family). Another name is Tokabo. The crest is the Ichijo wisteria. The stipend during the Edo period was 1000 koku at the beginning, which was later raised to 1500 koku and up to 2044 koku by the end of the Edo shogunate period. The family was ranked as a prince after the Meiji Restoration.

Kanera ICHIJO, during the Muromachi period, was active not only in politics but also in the cultural world such as academics and renga (linked verse). During the Sengoku period (the Warring States period (Japan)), Norifusa ICHIJO moved down to Tosa, which was his fief, and the branch family became a Sengoku-daimyo (warring lord), the Tosa-Ichijo family.

Early in the Edo period, Fuyumoto DAIGO, the second son of the senior regent Akiyoshi ICHIJO, established the House of Daigo (of the status of Seigake (a status of court nobility)). Haruko, the third daughter of Tadaka ICHIJO, who was the family head at the end of the Edo shogunate period, became the empress of Emperor Meiji (Empress Shoken).

Main figures

Sanetsune ICHIJO (1223 to 1284)
Tsunetsugu ICHIJO (1358 to 1418)
Kanera ICHIJO (1402 to 1481)
Norifusa ICHIJO (1423 to 1480)
Fuyuyoshi ICHIJO (1465 to 1514)
Fusaie ICHIJO (1475 to 1539)
Akiyoshi ICHIJO (1605 to 1672)

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