The Itsutsuji Family (五辻家)

The Itsutsuji family is a member of Genji Tosho Genji (Minamoto clan members who are court nobles above a certain rank), descendants of Uda-Genji (Minamoto clan). Its patriarch was MINAMOTO no Tokimasa, the son of Sadaijin (Minister of the Left) MINAMOTO no Masanobu. After Nakakane ITSUTSUJI (year of birth and death unknown) the family name was changed to the Itsutsuji.

Nakakane ITSUTSUJI was a jigenin (a lower rank of ancient Japanese nobility) who served at Kurododokoro (Chamberlain's Office) and Hokumen no bushi (the Imperial Palace Guards for the north side). However, after Moronaka ITSUTSUJI (Jusanmi - Junior Third Rank) and Jibusho (the Ministry of Civil Administration) (1487 - 1540) was given the rank of Jusanmi in 1538, the family was added as a toshoke family (hereditary lineage of court nobles above a certain rank).

The family status is hanke (family of lower ranking court nobles) (kuge -court noble), and the highest court positions appointed were Junii (Junior Second Rank) and Hisangi (advisor at large). The family specialized in gagaku (ancient Japanese court dance and music) as their profession. The Jikoji family branched out from the Itsutsuji family.

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