The Jikoji Family (慈光寺家)

The Jikoji family is a member of Genji Tosho Genji (Minamoto clan members who are court nobles above a certain rank), descendants of Uda-Genji (Minamoto clan). Its patriarch was Emonfu (member of the Headquarters of the Outer Palace Guards) Nakakiyo JIKOJI, the second son of the Itsutsuji family.

The family status was hanke (family of lower ranking court nobles) (kuge - court noble). The family was added to the line of toshoke (hereditary lineage of court nobles above a certain rank) during the generation of Minister of Central Affairs Fuyunaka JIKOJI. After Suminaka JIKOJI (1713 - 1795) was appointed to Junii (Junior Second Rank) and Samaryo (Left Division of Bureau of Horses), the highest court positions appointed were Junii (Junior Second Rank) and Hisangi (advisor at large).

Their hereditary stipend during the Edo period was thirty koku. The family status after the Meiji period was viscount.

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