The Nakanomikado Family (中御門家)

The Nakanomikado family
The Nakanomikado family was court nobility of Kajuji-ryu (the Kajuji lineage) of the northern House of the Fujiwara clan.
Noble family with the rank of marquess
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The Nakamikado family was a court nobility Nakamikado-ryu (the Nakamikado line) of the northern House of the Fujiwara clan. The family was descended from FUJIWARA no Yorimune, udaijin (minister of the right) and second son of FUJIWARA no Michinaga. See "Matsunoki family", the other name for the Nakamikado family. The Nakanomikado family belonged to the court nobility and had a family status noble (court noble). The Kajuji-ryu of the northern House of the Fujiwara clan, an illegitimate family lineage of the Kajuji family. The family crest was a combination of bamboo and a sparrow. The hereditary stipend in the Edo period was 260 koku. The stipend became 200 koku at the end of Edo period. Became the earl and then the marquess after the Meiji Restoration.

The family originated with Tsunetsugu NAKAMIKADO, the fourth son of Tsunetoshi KAJUJI (Tsunetoshi YOSHIDA), in the mid-Kamakura period.

At the end of Edo period and the beginning of the Meiji Restoration, Tsuneyuki NAKAMIKADO worked hard for affairs of state, and served successively as gitei, the chief of accountancy, and the rusu chokan. The family were awarded an earldom on July 7, 1884, and then awarded the title of marquess on January 17, 1888. When Tsuneaki, the son of Tsuneyuki, had no heir, and Machiko, a woman, inherited the Nakamikado family name, the title of marquess was returned; but the family adopted Tsuneyasu from a branch family and were able to recover their status.

Tsunetada NAKAMIKADO, the son of Tametsune YOSHIDA who was the younger brother of Tsunetoshi, also identified himself as the 'Nakamikado' family. While Tsunetada who was a confidant of the Emperor Gosaga was alive, the family was more prosperous than the Tsunetsugu lineage of his cousin, but he also had a number of political opponents, and this led to the family being discontinued around the beginning of the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan).

A list of family heads in chronological order
Tsunetsugu NAKAMIKADO (1258 -)
Tsunenobu NAKAMIKADO (1279 - 1340)
Tsunesue NAKAMIKADO (1299 - 1346)
Nobuakira NAKAMIKADO (1302 - 1365)
Nobukata NAKAMIKADO (1350 -)
Nobutoshi NAKAMIKADO (1371 - 1414)
Nobusuke NAKAMIKADO (1392 - 1439)
Akitoyo NAKAMIKADO (1414 - 1459)
Nobutane NAKAMIKADO (1442 - 1525)
Nobuhide NAKAMIKADO (1469 - 1531)
Nobutsuna NAKAMIKADO (1511 - 1569)
Nobuharu NAKAMIKADO (1517 - 1555)
Suketane NAKAMIKADO (1569 - 1626)
Naonaga NAKAMIKADO (1590 - 1641)
Nobuyori NAKAMIKADO (1613 - 1664)
Sukehiro NAKAMIKADO (1635 - 1707)
Nobumoto NAKAMIKADO (1659 - 1680)
Nobuaki NAKAMIKADO (1662 - 1740)
Tsuneyasu NAKAMIKADO (1697 - 1707)
Nobumasa NAKAMIKADO (1691 - 1730)
Nobutoki NAKAMIKADO (1727 - 1745)
Toshiomi NAKAMIKADO (1740 - 1771)
Nobuie NAKAMIKADO (1765 - 1790)
Tsunesada NAKAMIKADO (1779 - 1817)
Sukefumi NAKAMIKADO (1794 - 1849)
Tsunenori NAKAMIKADO (1818 - 1822)
Tsuneyuki NAKAMIKADO (1820 - 1891)

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