The Nishioji Family (西大路家)

The Nishioji family was a court noble family with the rank of Urinke. The family came under the FUJIWARA no Sueshige line of the Northern House of the FUJIWARA clan, a branch family of the Shijo family. The hereditary academic skill was calligraphy. The family crest was waterclover. Their hereditary stipend during the Edo period was 100 koku. After the Meiji Restoration, the family was conferred the title of viscount.


The founder of the family was not identified: Some old documents describe that Takatsuna SHIJO was the founder, and others describe that Takatsuna's grandson Takamasa SHIJO was the founder. The family name 'Nishioji' began to appear in documents from the generation of Takanaka NISHIOJI. Since the generation of Takanaka, the family produced quite a few high court nobles, but the family line was cut off at the time of Takanori NISHIOJI. Later, Takasato NISHIOJI (the son of Fusamitsu HIROHASHI) restored the Nishioji family and, in 1708, reappointed high court noble--Since then, the family held the rank of high court noble until the end of the Tokugawa shogunate. The family's hereditary stipend during the Edo period was 100 koku.

The family temple was the Ryoko-in Temple (Kita Ward, Kyoto City).

Well-known descendants

Takanaka NISHIOJI. Takatomi NISHIOJI. Takanori NISHIOJI. Takayoshi NISHIOJI. Takanari NISHIOJI. Takayoshi NISHIOJI. Takaaki NISHIOJI. Takaeda NISHIOJI.

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