The Ogura family (小倉家)

The Ogura family were kuge (court nobles) with kakaku (family status) of urinke (the fourth highest family status for court nobles). They came under the Kanin line of the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan.
They were a branch family of the Toin family of the Saionji family group
Their family business was kagura (sacred music and dancing performed at shrines). Its kamon (family crest) was migi mitsudomoe (clockwise three comma-shaped figures in a circle). Karoku (hereditary stipend) during the Edo Period was 150 koku (approx. 27.1cubic meters). After the Meiji Restoration, they held the title viscount.

The family was founded during the Kamakura Period by Kino OGURA, Chunagon (Vice-councilor of state), who was the second son of Jitsuo YAMASHINA.

After the Meiji Restoration on July 8, 1884, the peerage of viscount was conferred on Hidesue OGURA.

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