The Shin Clan (進氏)

The Shin clan was a local ruling family who was influential in the western part of Hoki Province (West Hoki) from the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan) to the Muromachi period. In the Sengoku period (Period of Warring States), the clan became a vassal of the Nanjo clan.

The Shin clan originated from KI no Narimori who had been a member of the Ki clan, a powerful clan at the end of the Heian period; the Ki clan had had its base in West Hoki and the Shin clan was still powerful in West Hoki especially in Aimi County and Hino County for generations. The clan initially called themselves the Kose clan or the Aimi clan; at the Battle of Mt. Senjo, they rushed to the battlefield to support Emperor Godaigo, and later for the achievements in the battle, they were given Rinji (emperor's important document) and praised by the emperor. There still remains this Rinji, however, it is unclear whether the Kose clan and the Aimi clan to which the emperor gave this document was the original clan of the Shin clan or not.

From the Period of the Southern and Northern Courts to the Muromachi Period
The oldest record on the Shin clan is about Fumi-sho Manor in Hoki Province which had been possessed by Kajo-ji Temple of Yamashiro Province; according to the article, in 1345, SHIN no Saburo Nyudo (priest Chokaku) tried to take Ryokeshiki (an economical right as a lord of a manor); Fumi-sho Manor was located near present Yonago City. In the Muromachi period, the Shin clan supported the Yamana clan and became a member of Hokishu (the local clans of Hoki Province); at the Onin War, they fought as Hokishu and made achievements, and as a result, they were appointed as Shugodai (deputy of Military Governor) of Hoki Province as well as the Nanjo clan. In some records of the administrations, the name of the Shin clan is found as well as the Kogamo clan, Nanjo clan, Murakami clan of Hoki Province and so on which were powerful clans in Hoki Province in those days, therefore, the Shin clan is considered to have been one of such influential clans in West Hoki.

the Sengoku Period
In the Sengoku period, the Shin clan belonged to powerful clans of Chugoku region, such as the Amako clan which had advanced to Hoki. The name of the Shin clan is not found in the group of vassals of Hisayuki YAMANA, although many Hokishu must have become such vassals. This clearly indicates that the Shin clan, who served as Shugodai in the period of Noriyuki YAMANA, began to keep a distance from the Yamana clan for independence in the Meio era. Although there is no record about the clan in years thereafter, in the records after Tensho era, "Shin Shimosa no kami" who was a vassal of the Nanjo clan in East Hoki is found, therefore, presumably some of the clan became vassals of other powerful clans.

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