The Sonobe Domain (園部藩)

The Sonobe Domain existed in Funai County in Tanba Province (Sonobe-cho Kozakura Town, Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture in the present day).

The history of the domain

The domain of Sonobe became independent in December 1619 when Yoshichika KOIDE, the feudal lord of the Izushi Domain in Tajima Province took over. The territory had a yield of approximately 29,800 koku in rice. Yoshichika, the first lord of the domain, strengthened the foundations of the administration through construction of Sonobe-jo Castle, implementing a land survey, building the castle town, and implementing flood control measures. Yoshichika retired on June 9, 1667, and his son Fusatomo KOIDE took over the family estate. On his retirement, Yoshichika took territory with a yield of 5,000 koku as a retirement benefice and Fusatomo inherited territory, including new rice fields, with an overall yield of 25,000 koku. When Yoshichika died on March 11 the next year, his retirement benefice of 5,000 koku was divided between Yoshinao KOIDE and Yoshitada KOIDE, Fusatomo's younger brothers, who inherited territories with yields of 3,000 koku and 2,000 koku respectively.

Hidesada KOIDE, the fourth lord of the domain, had held the positions of sojaban (the administrator of etiquette in the shogunate), jisha-bugyo (the position responsible for the management of temples and shrines), and wakadoshiyori (the commander of Hatamoto/Gokenin (the vassals)), and allocated territory with a yield of 1,000 koku to Hideharu, his second son. The fifth and sixth lords of the domain also held important positions in the Shogunate, with Hidemochi KOIDE, the fifth lord serving in the same three positions as Hidesada, and Hidetsune KOIDE, the sixth lord, holding the position of sobajan. However, from around the time that Hidetake KOIDE became the seventh lord, the domain was assailed by a series of disasters including famine, drought, and flooding, weakening the finances of the administration, and, in 1787, a bad harvest and jump in rice price caused a peasant's revolt. This was the so-called riot of the Tenmei period, and was followed by further disasters such as a series of fires in quick succession, and an outbreaks of violence and destruction in the domain. Under these circumstances, the domain administration implemented various reforms, including the monopolization of tobacco and a system for bringing timber to market, and these proved to be effective.

At the end of the Edo period, the lords were involved with the security of the old imperial palace at an early stage and supported the government army. Hidenao KOIDE, the last lord of the domain, became the governor of the domain when the return of lands to the emperor was implemented in 1869. The domain of Sonobe was abolished at the abolition of domains and establishment of prefectures in July 1871, but Hidenao then took the position of the governor of Sonobe Prefecture. Sonobe Prefecture was abolished in August of the same year, and incorporated into Kyoto Prefecture that November. The family of lord of the domain were given the rank of viscount.

The Koide family

29,800 koku, 25,000 koku, and subsequently 24,000 koku.
The tozama daimyo (the allied daimyo of the Tokugawa shogun)

Yoshichika KOIDE (became the lord of the domain on December 1619 - retired on June 9, 1667)
Fusatomo KOIDE (became the lord of the domain on June 9, 1667 - retired on October 27, 1673)
Fusatoshi KOIDE (became the lord of the domain on October 27, 1673 - retired on April 22, 1705)
Fusasada KOIDE (became the lord of the domain on April 22, 1705 - died on November 19, 1744)
Fusayoshi KOIDE (became the lord of the domain on December 26, 1744 - died on October 15, 1767)
Fusatsune KOIDE (became the lord of the domain on December 7, 1767 - died on September 29, 1775)
Fusatake KOIDE (became the lord of the domain on November 24, 1775 - died on May 1, 1821)
Fusaoki KOIDE (became the lord of the domain on July 16, 1821 - retired on September 20, 1843)
Fusanori KOIDE (became the lord of the domain on September 20, 1843 - died on October 10, 1855)
Fusanao KOIDE (became the lord of the domain on March 28, 1856 - dismissed from the post of governor in 1871)

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