The Toyama Family (外山家)

The Toyama family was a branch of the Hino family, a descendant of the FUJIWARA clan. During the Edo period, the family held the status of Toshoke of court nobles; after the Meji period, the family ranked as viscount. The family crest was a 'Wing-Spreading Crane'.

The family was founded during the mid-Edo period with Mitsuaki TOYAMA (the second son of Hirosuke HINO) as the first generation. The family rank was Meika as the Hino family (the head family) with a hereditary stipend of thirty koku in warehouse rice. The Toyama family produced five court nobles: one Dainagon (chief councilor of state); two Chunagon (vice-councilor of state); and two Hisangi (advisor at large).

The fifth head of the family Mitsuzane TOYAMA was adopted from the Karasumaru family. The Kitakoji family and the Toyooka family (branches of the Hino family like the Toyama family) adopted children from the Toyama family.

The ninth head of the family Mitsusuke TOYAMA witnessed the Meiji Restoration, and the twelfth head of the family Hidesuke TOYAMA was conferred the title of viscount. The family temple was the Jojuin, sub-temple of Myoman-ji Temple, in Iwakura, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto Prefecture.

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