The Uematsu Family (植松家)

The Uematsu family was a family of court nobles with Masanaga UEMATSU being the patriarch. Masanaga was the youngest son of Arishige CHIGUSA of the Chigusa family that was a branch family of the Iwakura family of the Murakami-Genji line. The Uematsu family was one of the Tosho Genji Jikke (the ten tosho families of the Genji clan - high court nobility allowed to enter the Imperial Palace) being among the House of Urin and had the status of viscount. It is said that the family name Uematsu derived from pine trees (matsu) that Masanaga donated.

In 1620, three families became designated as court nobles using a part of the ten thousand-goku dowry that the daughter of the second shogun Hidetada TOKUGAWA Masako TOKUGAWA brought with her when she became the nyogo (a high-ranking lady in the court - a consort of an emperor) of Emperor Gomizunoo. The Uematsu family was one of these three new court nobles.

In the mid-Edo period, Ichiro ZESHINKEN, the scholar monk as well as flower arrangement master, founded the old school of Syogetsudo of flower arrangement. The heirless Ichiro ZESHINKEN asked one of his pupil Chunagon (middle counselor) Takamasa UEMATSU, the third family head of the court noble Uematsu family, to look after his affairs after his passing whereby the family head of the Uematsu family consequently succeeded as the iemoto (the head family of a school) for generations. The current iemoto is Masafusa UEMATSU and the family graveyard is located on the grounds of The Jodo sect Daihonzan (the grand temple) Konkai Komyo-ji Temple.

The kamon (family crest) is the rindo mon crest (a family crest standing for gentian) and the Uematsu rindo is used.

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