Togi Family (東儀家)

The Togi family is one of the Sanpo gakuso (organization of transmission of gagaku, ancient court music) Gaku families (families of musicians served in the Imperial court in Kyoto, Nanto in Nara, and Tennoji in Osaka), which has passed down the tradition of gagaku (ancient Japanese court dance and music) for over 1,300 years from the Nara period to today. The family belonged to the lower-ranking government official class called Jige-ke (family status of non-noble retainers who are not allowed into the Emperor's living quarters in the imperial palace). The family had been given for generations lower-grade job titles at the Konoefu (the Headquarters of the Inner Palace Guards).

Although it is alleged that the ancestor of the family could be traced to HATA no Kawakatsu, who served Prince Shotoku, the validity of the allegation is yet to be identified.

People from the Togi Family

Hideki TOGI


Tetteki TOGI

Toshiharu TOGI

Kanehiko TOGI


The mother of Shingo NISHIMURA, a politician

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