Tominokoji family (富小路家)

The Tominokoji family was a toshoke (within the hereditary lineage of court nobles allowed to enter the tenjonoma in the palace) down line of the Fujiwara clan. This family originated from the fact that Toshimichi TOMINOKOJI who was originally a shodaibu (aristocrat lower than Kugyo) of the Kujo family, and was promoted to Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank) by insisting that his family was a branch family of the Nijo family. This family became a toshoke when Sukenao TOMINOKOJI, the son of Toshimichi TOMINOKOJI, was promoted to Jusanmi and allowed to enter the tenjonoma.

The family status was hanke (a kind of family status of the Court nobles) (kuge [court noble]). Kyokkan (the highest rank one can be appointed to) was Junii (Junior Second Rank) and Hisangi (advisor at large).

Karoku (hereditary stipend) during the Edo Period was 200 koku (approx. 36.1cubic meters). Since the Meiji Period, they held the title viscount.

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