Bakuchi Misaki Cape (博奕岬)

Located in Sezaki, Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture, Bakuchi Misaki Cape overlooks the Japan Sea (the western part of Wakasa Bay). Bakuchi Misaki Cape lies at 35º33'6'' north latitude and 135º20'34'' east longitude. Bakuchi Misaki Cape lies in the northwest edge of the Oura Peninsula and is located to the east of the mouth of the Maizuru Bay. The Bakuchi-misaki Cape lighthouse is installed at the tip of the Bakuchi Misaki Cape. The Bakuchi Misaki Cape belongs to the Wakasa Bay Quasi-National Park.


A steep red coastal cliff rises.

The unique name of Bakuchi (gaming) originates from a legend that a dragon goddess and a whale king, both proud of their strength, played a game of go in a game of wits (reference).

The coast to the cape has two distinct colors, white and dark brown colors: the northern half part is made of granite and the southern half part is made of diabase. The legend most likely stems from these features as well.

The Bakuchi-misaki Cape lighthouse stands on the cape. The Bakuchi-misaki Cape lighthouse is 129 meters above sea level, and the visible distance is about fifty-two kilometers; the lighthouse was first lit in 1925.

At present, the area around the cape is under the control of the Japan Self-Defense Forces.

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