Chutan (中丹)

Chutan indicates an area extending from the northern part of Tanba region to the southern part of Tango region in Kyoto Prefecture, where three cities of Maizuru, Fukuchiyama and Ayabe exist as an administrative province.

Chutan used to indicate only the area in Amata-gun (present-day Fukuchiyama City) and Ikaruga-gun (present-day Ayabe City), but, now indicates the area including Kasa-gun (present-day Maizuru City) in the Tango region since around 1965, as an administrative term. Due to its geographical location in the catchment area of Yura-gawa River, people in Chutan actively contact each other on a routine basis, but their cultures are different because of varied dialects.

At present, the term Chutan is used extensively without being used only as a term of administrative province, and both public and private sectors prefixing Chutan to the names of own facilities and business offices in the area are on the increase.

The Kyoto Prefectural Regional Development Bureau was also renamed the Kyoto Prefectural Chutan Wide-Area Development Bureau (Maizuru City) after its integration.

Facilities prefixed with Chutan

Kyoto Prefectural Chutan Workers' Welfare Hall (Fukuchiyama City)

Kyoto Prefecture Chutan Culture Hall (Ayabe City)

Chutan Prefectural School for Handicapped Children (Fukuchiyama City)

Chutan large-scale agricultural roads (between Fukuchiyama City and Ayabe City)

Kyoto Prefectural Chutan Higashi Public Health Center (Maizuru City), and Kyoto Prefectural Chutan Higashi Civil Engineering Office (Ayabe City)

Kyoto Prefectural Chutan Livestock Hygiene Center (Fukuchiyama City)

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