Fukura-ko Port (福浦港)

Fukura-ko Port (福浦港 in Chinese characters) is a local port in Shika-machi (former Togi-machi), Ishikawa Prefecture. It is also called 'Fukura-minato Port'. It was once also written as '福良港'.


The port is located at the west end of the Noto Peninsula.
The cove consists of 'North Bay' and 'South Bay.'
Japanese envoys left from this port for Tang Dynasty and Bohai Kingdom in the Nara period, and the port remained to play an important role as a center of Noto culture after the Edo period.

Although the number of boats and ships using the port has continued to decline recently, the port serves as a fishery base, taking advantage of its location near fertile fishing grounds. The port is also located near Noto Kongo, a scenic spot of Noto Peninsula Quasi-National Park.


Fukura Lighthouse covers the port.

Former Fukura Lighthouse, which was the first wooden lighthouse in Japan and used an oil lamp, was once available.

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