Fushimi Momoyama-jo Castle Land (an amusement park located in Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City) (伏見桃山城キャッスルランド)

Fushimi Momoyama-jo Castle Land was an amusement park located in Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, which was owned by Kintetsu Group (operated by Momoyamajo Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Kinki Nippon Railway Company).


It was opened in 1964. The total site area was approximately 100,000 square meters. There were a replica of a keep copying Fushimi-jo Castle (reinforced concrete structure), attractions including roller coasters, go-cart trucks and a swimming pool.

The number of annual visitor was approximately 1 million in its peak days in 1978, but the number kept declining since then. Diversification of recreational facilities including the opening of Universal Studio Japan (Osaka City), fewer children, and so on, reduced the number of the visitors, therefore it was closed on January 31, 2003 since continuing its business became difficult. The site was rearranged as an athletic park by Kyoto City, and the replica castle, which was planned to be demolished at first, was decided to remain by the local's request.

As of May 2009, Fushimi Momoyama-jo Castle cannot be visited inside.

The reason is because its earthquake resistant level may not comply with the current standard and it is considered to be dangerous.

Access (when it was in business)

Five minutes ride by Kintetsu Bus from Momoyama Goryomae Station of Kintetsu Kyoto Line operated by Kinki Nippon Railway Company.

The train line was taken off when the Castle Land was closed.

Three minutes walk from Fushimi Momoyama Station of Keihan Line operated by Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd. to Momoyama Goryomae Station.

On foot from both Tanbabashi Station of Keihan Main Line and Momoyama Station of Nara Line operated by JR West.

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