Genze Ski Resort (a ski resort in Fukuchiyama City) (ゲンゼスキー場)

Genze Ski Resort is a ski resort located in Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture (the former Yakuno Town).

It was opened in 1951, and although small in size, it is a little-known great ski resort intended for families. It is also equipped with facilities for skiing at night.

In the height of prosperity, it had around 10 minshuku (private home that runs inn providing room and board) and ski buses to be arrived, too. However, since it was taken away business by other ski resorts due to light snowfall and the development of the road network and so on, it has been suspended operations for several seasons (Yakuno Town Commerce and Industry Association). In addition, it is said that the resort was closed in 2001 (March 15, 2007 Ryotan Nichinichi Shinbun Newspaper).




About 25 minutes from Wadayama Interchange of Bantan Renraku Road.

About 45 minutes from Fukuchiyama Interchange of Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway.

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