Hanazono (Kyoto City) (花園 (京都市))

Hanazono is a name for an area in Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City.

The name "Hanazono" (literally 'flower garden') comes from Hokongoin Temple in the area, which is famous for its flower garden. Hokongoin Temple was originally a mountain villa built by udaijin (minister of the right) KIYOHARA no Natsuno in the Heian period. After his death, the villa was converted into a temple. It is believed that Natsuno planted rare flowers around the villa and people started to call the area Hanazono. FUJIWARA no Shoshi, the second consort of the Emperor Toba, made a garden expressing an image of Gokuraku Jodo (the Amida Pure Land) in Hokongoin Temple when she was at the height of her prosperity. Hokongoin Temple is still known as 'the Lotus Temple' today.

There was also a rikyu (imperial villa) of the Emperor Hanazono here. The rikyu was later converted into Myoshin-ji Temple, a zensatsu (zen temple) when Kanzan Egen came to serve in the temple. Hanazono Junior and Senior High School along with Hanazono University were established in the area as schools of Myoshin-ji Temple.


JR West Sagano Line: Hanazono Station (Kyoto Prefecture)

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