Horikawa Gojo (堀川五条)

Horikawa Gojo is the intersection and the surrounding area in Sensui-cho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. It is where Gojo-dori Street (National Route 1 and 9) and Horikawa-dori Street (Kyoto Hiragawara Miyama Line of Kyoto Prefectural Route and National Route 1) intersect.

It is where pedestrian crossing bridge is located and car, pedestrians, and bicycles are completely segregated. The intersection and its surrounding areas have devices used to improve the environment and appearance by making the road water permeable, centralizing electricity lines, decorating pedestrian walk with tiles, and having electric lights designed like the roof of Gojo Tower at the central division of the road.

The two streets that cross at the intersection of interest are very wide because they were built using the vacant fire-prevention lot created during World War II and form an east west axis (Rakuto-Rakusai) and south and north (Rakunan-Rakuhoku). Since it is the branching point of the big National Route 1 and 9, it is an important location not only for the transportation of Kyoto Prefecture but Western Japan.


Surrounding areas
Gojo-agaru, Horikawa-dori
Horikawa Police Station, Kyoto Prefectural Police
Gulliver International, Horikawa Gojo Branch
Gojo-sagaru, Horikawa-dori
Kyoto Tokyu Hotel
Royal Host, Horikawa Gojo Branch
Horikawa-higashiiru, Gojo-dori
Kyoto Chuo Shinyo Kinko, Gojo Branch
Daily Yamazaki, Kyoto Gojo Branch
Horikawa-Nishiiru, Gojo-dori
The head office of Kyoto Kimono Plaza
Book Off Corporation, Horikawa Gojo Branch

Keihan Bus

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