Ide-cho (井手町)


Ide-cho is a town located in the south of Kyoto Prefecture. The town has an area of 18.01 square kilometers.

Tama-gawa River (Ide-cho), a tributary of the Kizu-gawa River (Kyoto Prefecture), flows east-west through the town. The town is full of people viewing cherry blossoms in spring.

Ide-cho is divided into three sections: Taga, Ide and Ario.


April 1, 1958: Old Ide-cho and Taga-mura were merged to form Ide-cho.

Merger with other cities and towns is currently under discussion.

Politics and government

Mayor: Akio SHIOMI
Since August 27, 1995 (third term)



Adjacent municipalities

Joyo City, Kyotanabe City, Kizugawa City, Ujitawara-cho, Wazuka-cho and Seika-cho
Ide-cho does not have any adjacent prefectures.


The Nara Line (the railroad line between Kyoto Station and Kizu Station (Kyoto Prefecture) is called the JR Nara Line.)

(from/to Kyoto and Uji Stations) - Yamashirotaga Station - Tamamizu Station - (from/to Kizu and Nara Stations)

The main station is Tamamizu Station on the JR Nara Line, and rapid trains started to stop at the station after the timetable revision on March 15, 2003.

Scenic sites, historic sites, tourist spots, festivals and events

There are historic sites of TACHIBANA no Moroe, Ide-ji Temple Site, Rokkaku-ido Well, Kawazu-zuka Mound, and ONO no Komachi-zuka Mound.

Tamatsuoka-jinja Shrine
Jizozen-in Temple: Shidare Zakura (cherry tree, a Natural Treasure designated by the Kyoto Prefecture)
Taka-jinja Shrine (a Cultural Property designated by the Kyoto Prefecture)
Hidariuma (a shogi piece of 'left horse'): Hidariuma Fureai Park
Mandoroyama Observation Platform
Ryuo no Taki Falls
Ide Town Cherry Blossoms Festival (April)
Firefly festival: Tanigawa Firefly Park (June)

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