Ikaruga-cho (斑鳩町)

Special Notes

Ikaruga-cho is a town in Ikoma County, Nara Prefecture. It is an ancient town, well known for the construction of Horyu-ji Temple by Prince Shotoku in the Asuka period. The community of Nishisato that spreads westward from Horyu-ji Temple was created by Masakiyo NAKAI, the master builder renowned for his leadership and unparalleled skills in construction in the early part of the pre-modern era (late 16th century - early 17th century). Although there are many towns and streets that preserve the historic atmosphere, these areas urbanized rapidly during Japan's economic expansion period and turned into suburbs of Osaka, making the quiet, traditional atmosphere is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.


Yamato-gawa River runs to its south, and the Yata-kyuryo Hills, of which Mt. Matsuo (Nara Prefecture) is located at the back of Horyu-ji Temple, are located in the north. Tatsuta-gawa River, known for the beauty of its autumn foliage described in the "waka" poem by ARIWARA no Narihira, is located in the west, and Tomio-gawa River described in poetry as 'Tomi no Ogawa' is in its east.


Nara Prefecture statistical data

27,602 as of October 1, 2007
Population growth rate (from 2002 to 2007): -2.7%


It is the location of Yama-go and Sakado-go of Heguri County, Yamato Province, of ancient times. At the peak of Mt. Kannabi (or Mt. Mimuro), located northeast of the confluence of Tatsuta-gawa River and Yamato-gawa River is Engishikinaisha (shrine listed in Engishiki laws) Kamioka-jinja Shrine.

The town has become famous in recent years with the excavation of Fujinoki-kofun Tumulus.

Historic spots

Horyu-ji Temple
Chugu-ji Temple
Hokki-ji Temple
Horin-ji Temple _(Ikaruga-cho)
Mt. Mimuro (Ikaruga-cho)
Kichiden-ji Temple (Ikaruga-cho)
Ikaruga-jinja Shrine
Tatsuta-jinja Shrine
Kamiya Iseki Park
Fujinoki-kofun Tumulus
Hotokezuka-kofun Tumulus
Komazuka-kofun Tumulus
Kabutozuka-kofun Tumulus
Terayama-kofun Tumulus
Okanohara-kofun Tumulus
Kawarazuka-kofun Tumulus (Ikaruga-cho)
Ikaruga Otsuka-kofun Tumulus
Funatsuka-kofun Tumulus (flower garden)
Kasuga-kofun Tumulus
and many others.

Merger of municipalities

The merger of Ando-cho, Sango-cho and Heguri-cho of Ikoma County and Kita-katsuragi County's Oji-cho, Kanmaki-cho and Kawai-cho (the seven Seiwa towns) was deliberated, but a referendum conducted in Ikaruga-cho, Oji-cho and Heguri-cho showed that the majority of Ikaruga and Oji citizens opposed the merger, resulting in the two towns withdrawing involvement. The deliberation committee was dissolved, and the merger proposal was scrapped.

Regarding the name of the new city, the committee had considered Seiwa, Horyuji and Shotokutaishi as candidates and 'Seiwa' had been picked.

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