Ikeda-machi Yokangai (Ikeda-machi Western-style residencial area) (池田町洋館街)

Ikeda-machi Yokangai is a name given to a part of the old town area of Omihachiman City, Shiga Prefecture. It consists of 3 Western-style residences which were built in the Taisho Period and exist to this day in the city, as well as being some of the first in the city to be designed by William Merrell VORIES.


The old Waterhouse residence - built in 1913
Waterhouse residence (former Waseda University lecturer)
Three-storey residence with gable roof and 4 chimneys and fireplaces.

The old Yoshida residence - built in 1913
Residence of Etsuzo YOSHIDA, one of the founders of Omi Brotherhood Co., Ltd.

The old Vories residence - built in 1914 (no longer in existence)
Taneya main shop has in the tea room on the second floor a ceramic scale model of the Yokangai during the times when the Vories residence was still standing, offering a glimpse of the past.

Double House- built in 1921
A duplex belonging to Omi Mission (predecessor of Omi Brotherhood) used by company employees and their families.

Ikeda-machi 5-chome, Omihachiman City, Shiga Prefecture 523-0877

20 minuites on foot from Omihachiman Station on Omi Railway
20 minuites on foot from Omihachiman Station on West Japan Railway

Area Information

Omihachiman YMCA
Omihachiman Municipal Archives
Former Hachiman Post Office
Former Nishikawa Residence (Important Cultural Property)
Former Ban Residence
Omihachiman Municipal Kawara Museum
Vories Memorial House
Hachiman Park
Hachiman-bori Canal
Himure-hachimangu Shrine
Hongan-ji Temple Hachiman Betsuin (branch temple)
History and Folklore Museum
Borderless Art Museum NO-MA

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