Ine Bay (a bay in Ine Town, Kyoto Prefecture) (伊根湾)

Ine Bay is a bay located in Ine Town, Yosa County, Kyoto Prefecture. It is written in English as "Ine bay." Hide district, Takanashi district, Hirata district, Tateishi district, Nibi district, and Kameyama district circle the bay shore, and to the south of the bay, there is Aoshima Island (Kyoto Prefecture). Owing to this Aoshima Island, Ine Bay is not easily affected by the wind, and waves are relatively fewer than those outside of the bay. There is a fishing pond inside the bay, and many visitors gather mainly in the summertime. Also, there are pleasure boats operated by Tango Kairiku Kotsu Co., Ltd. that go around inside the bay, and there are many tourists who visit to see the Ine no Funaya Houses (houses built on the water's edge in Ine) which is one of the tourist (sightseeing) spots in Ine Town.

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