Kamo-cho (Kyoto Prefecture) (加茂町 (京都府))

Kamo-cho was a town located in Soraku-gun, Kyoto Prefecture. On March 12, 2007 Kamo-cho was merged with Yamashiro-cho (Kyoto Prefecture) and Kizu-cho, thereby forming Kizugawa City.

As the capital (Kuni-kyo) was located around this area for a period of time in the Nara period, the area has many historical sites and cultural assets. The first currency in circulation in Japan, 'Wado-Kaichin silver coins,' was made in this area.

The town adopted a motto 'Town rich in culture and is comfortable to live.'
Local products are wallpaper, Fusuma door, tea, and shiitake mushrooms.



Kizu-gawa River (Kyoto Prefecture)

Mt.Kita (elevation: 476.5 m)


729: The Gansen-ji Temple was built by the order of the Emperor Shomu.

735: The Kaijusen-ji Temple was built by the order of the Emperor Shomu.

740: The Emperor Shomu relocated the capital to Kuni-kyo.

744: The capital was relocated to Naniwanomiya Palace and the Yamashiro provincial monastery was built at the site of Kuni-kyo.

1047: The Joruri-ji Temple was built.

April 1, 1889: Sato-mura, Takada-mura, Hokkejino-mura, Ono-mura, Kannonji-mura, Minami-mura, Zezu-mura, Unami-mura, and Kita-mura of Soraku-gun were merged to form Kamo-mura.

February 11, 1928: The town organization took effect.

April 1, 1951: Tono-mura and Mikanohara-mura of Soraku-gun were incorporated into Kamo-mura.

March 12, 2007: Three towns of Yamashiro, Kizu, and Kamo were merged to form Kizugawa City.


Mayor: Hisashi NANBA (inaugurated in May, 2003)

Cultural facility

Kamo-cho cultural center (Ajisai Hall)

Adjacent to the prefectural government of Nara Prefecture, Nara City, Kamo-cho has been greatly affected.


Central station: Kamo Station on the Kansai Main Line, operated by the West Japan Railway Company (JR West)

Scenic sites, historic sites

Kaijusen-ji Temple

Joruri-ji Temple

Gansen-ji Temple

Jonen-ji Temple

Yamashiro provincial monastery site (Kuni-kyo site)

Goryo-jinja Shrine (Kamo-cho)

Zezu site

Hakusan-jinja Shrine

Stone Buddhist image in Too


Rokusai Nenbutsu (held at the Kaijusen-ji Temple in August)

Okage Odori Dance (held at the Hakusan-jinja Shrine on October 16)

Shishimai (lion dance), Dengaku Dance, Sumo (Japanese-style wrestling) (held in Zezu in October)


The ZIP codes are as follows. Changes were made on October 10, 2006.

Yamashiro Kizu Post Office (Kizugawa City (formerly Kizu-cho)): 619-02xx, 619-11xx

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