Kasa-toge Pass (a pass separating Kita Ward and Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City) (笠峠)

Kasa-toge Pass is a pass separating Kita Ward and Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.


It is located on the old National Route 162 at an altitude of 447 meters. The pass was known for separating Kyoto City and Keihoku Town before they were merged during the mass mergers of the Heisei period. Kasa-toge Pass is on the Shuzan-kaido Road, which became present day National Route 162. Kasa Tunnel, on National Route 162, runs directly under the pass. As of 2009 this old road was closed with a gate and abandoned. Therefore many road maps describe Kasa Tunnel as a pass with a tunnel.

Features of the pass

The old road is paved and it is possible to drive up to the pass by vehicles. Climbing up from Kyoto City side, however, the road around the pass is closed with a gate. On the Keihoku Town side the road is closed with a gate immediately after it branches off from the current national route so it is not possible to drive through. It is possible to go as far as Toge-jizo (a Jizo statue at the pass) from Kyoto City side. However as the road is private and fenced off it is not possible to reach the Jizo statue. Also refer the article of Kasa Tunnel regarding pass with a tunnel on current National Route 162.

Neighboring passes

Mikyozaka-toge Pass (Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City)
Kurio-toge Pass (Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City)

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