Katagihara (樫原)

Katagihara refers to a part of Nishikyo Ward, Kyoto City. The Mozume Kaido Road running north-south and the Sanin Kaido Road running east-west join in Katagihara. The Mozume Kaido Road is a highway that extends from Hokusetsu to Kyoto City, and continues to Arashiyama. Connected to the Shijo Kaido Road, it has long been a road for commercial use that leads to the river ports for lumbers located in Umezu, Katsura, and Arashiyama. The Sanin Kaido Road is a highway that extends from the direction of Mt. Oe toward the region of Tanba Province. As a transportation hub, Katagihara has long thrived as a town on a highway. There is a story that says that Mitsuhide AKECHI, who was told to plan a strategy for seizing regions in Tanba Province, improved the roads during the warring states period. During the end of Edo period, there were many wealthy merchants who gave shelter to loyal supporters. Additionally, a local clan, Kawashima clan was based out of a nearby region, Kawashima, and gave financial support to the loyalists. While Katagihara still serves as a transport hub, it is also a transfer point between Kyoto City and Rakusai New Town as well as a residential area today.

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