Kissaka-toge Pass (a pass located on the border between Maizuru City and Takahama Town) (吉坂峠)

The Kissaka-toge Pass is a pass located on the border between Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture and Takahama Town, Oi County, Fukui Prefecture. The Aoba Tunnel (formerly known as 'Aoba Taido'), is built in the Kissaka-toge Pass.

It is at an altitude of 86 meters. Today National Route 27, an arterial road sustaining the economy and the industry of Kita Kinki (Northern Kinki) such as Maizuru City and Obama City, runs through it. The Pass is also famous as a historical battle field for a number of battles, as it was on the border between Tango Province and Wakasa Province. In the Edo Period, it was known as a strategic spot with a sekisho (checking station) built by Obama clan.


West Japan Railway Company Obama Line

National Route 27

Kyoto Prefectural Road 564, Matsuo-Kissaka Line

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