Kitaoji (北大路)


A big street that runs east to west in the northern part of the capital (Rakuchu) following the 'Jobosei' (street plan of ancient capital) used in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cities with the castle of the king.
It is also called 'Ichijo Oji.'

Japanese location and people names originated from Kyoto (the details are written in the actual section).

Kitaoji' of Kyoto

Kitaoji is the name of the location and person originating from Kyoto. It is believed to have originated from Ichijo Oji (Kitaoji) of the Heian-kyo (Kyoto during the Heian period), but the current 'Kitaoji-dori Street' that runs through the Kita and Sakyo Wards of Kyoto City was completed from the city planning made before the World War II and is located apart from Ichijo Oji of Heian-kyo (the ancient capital of Japan in current Kyoto) (current Ichijo-dori Street). Currently, the city around Kitaoji-dori Street and Kitaoji Station, Kyoto Municipal Subway Karasuma Line is called Kitaoji (The commercial and multi-public facilities built in annex to the station is nicknamed as 'Kitaoji Town').

Kitaoji' as the surname

One famous person with the surname of 'Kitaoji' was Rosanji KITAOJI (real name was Fusajiro KITAOJI), who was a pottery artist born in Kitaoji of Kyoto.

Utaemon ICHIKAWA (real names was Zennosuke ASAI), was a big celebrity pre and post-World War II, held a residence in this area and was called 'Ontai of Kitaoji' (Boss of Kitaoji) by surrounding people. His second son also went on the path of an actor and is active under the acting name of "Kinya KITAOJI" (his real name was Masakatsu ASAI).

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