Kukiga-saka Slope (a pass in Kamihiraya, Miyama-cho, Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture) (九鬼ヶ坂)

Kukiga-saka Slope is a pass in Kamihiraya, Miyama-cho, Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture. It is also known as Kukiga-saka-toge Pass.


It is the pass located on National Route 162 at an altitude of 295 meters. National Route 162 is one of the main roads, known as former Shuzan-kaido, and Kukiga-saka Slope has been also famous as a chokepoint on the road. As of 2009, voices are raised to improve the traffic flow of the National Route 162 by boring through a tunnel beneath the pass.

Features of the pass

The road is secured double lanes wide around the pass and the inclination isn't so sharp. However, it has many sharp blind curves in spite of the altitude, and it is non-passing zone with speed bumps around the pass. As the pass is on a main road connecting Kyoto Prefecture and Fukui Prefecture, quite a lot of large-sized vehicles including trucks and tow trucks go through it, so signboards requesting the early opening of a tunnel are found around the pass.

Neighboring passes

Fukami-toge Pass (Nantan City and Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City)

Horikoshi-toge Pass (Nantan City and Oi Town, Oi County, Fukui Prefecture)

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