Kumihama Seaside Onsen Hot Spring (久美浜シーサイド温泉)

Kumihama Seaside Onsen Hot Spring is a hot spring located in Minatomiya, Kumihama-cho, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture (Tango Province under the ancient administrative division). It may be confused with Kuminohama Hot Spring, because some call Kuminohama Hot Spring Kumihama Onsen Hot Spring, but the two hot springs are located in two completely different places and do not constitute the same hot spring resort area. It is about five kilometer between the two hot springs as the crow flies.


Railway: a ten-minute drive from Kumihama Station of Kitakinki Tango Railway

Hot-spring water quality

Sulfate spring water (alkalescent)

Hot spring resort area

Only one inn, Hekisui Gyoen, stands facing the west coast of the Kumihama Bay, which nearly forms a lake. The hot spring is privately owned by the inn. A hot spring resort area is not formed, because nothing stands except a fourteen guest room building of 10,000 tsubo (33,000 square meters).

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