Kuminohama Hot Spring (久美の浜温泉)

Kuminohama Hot Spring is a hot spring located in Hirata, Kumihama-cho (former Kumihama-cho), Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture (Tango Province under ancient administrative division). Some describe it as 'Kumihama hot spring,' possibly for the purpose of not being mistaken for Kumihama Seaside Onsen Hot Spring. The two hot springs are distant from each other and can not be described collectively as a hot spring resort. It may be that, even within the same town, they wanted to be treated as separate hot springs.


(A five minute drive) from Tango-Kanno Station of Kitakinki Tango Railway Miyazu Line

Hot-spring water quality

Sulfate spring (hypotonic, alkalescent, and high temperature water)

Hot spring resort area

East of the Kumihama Bay, which nearly forms a lake, it is located away from the coast with only one inn, Yumoto-kan, in the area.


May 2, 1996: Kuminohama Hot Spring was designated the People's Recreation Spa by the Ministry of Environment Notification No.26.

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